Fundamentals for Female Pelvic Surgery


The American Urogynecologic Society's online Fundamentals of Pelvic Surgery curriculum will fill a role in allowing for the basic education of gynecologic surgeons who perform pelvic organ prolapse reconstruction surgery. The recent adoption of vaginal synthetic mesh kits by gynecologists has demonstrated that many were ill equipped to understand basic management of pelvic organ prolapse and how to best treat it. Out of this concern, the American Urogynecologic Society developed this online module as an initial step into understanding how to evaluate and manage prolapse and properly evaluate intra- and postoperative complications. This online module is not meant to act as an alternative for gynecologists to educate themselves into the management and treatment of pelvic organ prolapse. It is meant as a first step in providing an educational opportunity for the gynecologist who desires further education and should be used in conjunction with other established educational models to include attending conferences and being precepted by expert pelvic reconstructive surgeons.

This curriculum includes 3 interactive modules. Module 1 covers the preoperative evaluation of patients with pelvic organ prolapse and conservative management approaches. Surgical options for pelvic organ prolapse are presented in Module 2, with an emphasis on important anatomical landmarks, and avoiding injury to neurovascular structures during these surgical procedures. The management of postoperative complications is presented in Module 3, including new-onset urinary incontinence and complications associated with transvaginal mesh repair.

We hope that you will find this curriculum informative and useful for your clinical practice.